We respond to external circumstances, but we also create them. In other words, our inner worlds and the outer world are intimately connected, and that interconnection is part of interdependence as well.
Our inner world is the pivotal domain for bringing about read change in the world that we all share. Neither social nor environmental justice is possible without significant changes in our attitudes and the intentional behavior they give rise to. The transformation of our social and material world must begin within us.
— The Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, Embracing Life in Our Global Society, 2017.

LEADERSHIP TODAY requires an integrated ability in both the inner and the outer — the inner of personal presence and grounding, and the outer of collaborative process and collective intelligence.

The Inner and Outer of Evolutionary Leadership Series (IOEL) is about deliberately expanding perspective, growing leadership skills, cultivating community, and growing courage for personal and collective action from an evolutionary framework. It  engages the much needed idea of spiritual maturity and deep psychological knowing at the level of self, with the sensitivity to group process from a living systems perspective. IOEL empowers leaders at every level to lead in new and highly effective ways in these times of rapid and turbulent change.



Tenneson Woolf    Tenneson comes from the fields of organizational leadership and systems design, helping people be smarter together. He currently hosts leadership trainings, designs large conferences, consults strategic planning.

Listen close. Something other than the human mind is at play here.
— David Abram, cultural ecologist

Kinde Nebeker    Kinde comes from a background of design and design education, transpersonal psychology and ecopsychology. She currently guides wilderness rites of passage trips and supports individuals in their psychological and spiritual development.


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