On a Medicine Walk, what we notice is a mirror of what's inside us.

On a Medicine Walk, what we notice is a mirror of what's inside us.

Re-Member the Power of Your Indigenous Wisdom and Ability to Heal

There is another way of knowing that is different from our civilized, rational, brain-centered way of knowing. It is subtle, trans-rational, gut and heart-centered. It can hear the quiet communication from the deepest parts of ourselves and from the wonder and mystery that is everywhere around us. Remembering and cultivating this way of knowing makes us more fully human, more fully alive, more wise. It is your birthright!

One way to tap into this other way of knowing is by going on a medicine walk. 

A medicine walk is facilitated time in nature that allows you to slow down, tune attention and shift awareness to hear subtle messages that can give you the 'medicine' you need. 

A medicine walk is for anyone who is interested in psychological and spiritual/energetic health. It is appropriate for dealing with burn out or life transitions, for depression and anxiety, for grief and loss; for professionals seeking new healing and development tools and practices to offer those they serve; for leaders seeking vision and clarity; for accessing greater creativity both individually and as a group.

Amazing things happen when you combine intention, community, and the natural worldJoin us!



CONTACT ME if you have questions


Email Stephanie to sign up.
• We send you an e-mail with all details.
• Come prepared for being outside all day. That means proper clothing for the weather, (rain gear, warm clothes in layers), good walking shoes, a quart of water, and lunch. Please bring a timepiece as well. Also, feel free to bring a journal or sketchbook.

BRING AN INTENTION. Why are you going on this Walk? What wisdom or healing are you seeking for at this time in your life?

Individual: $45 – $95 sliding scale

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